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Council Member Russell Betts

Betts_mug_2.jpgRussell Betts, Council Member

Current Term: December 2020

Serving since December 2007

The economic benefits of downtown revitalization and economic development are well documented. Local residents enjoy better shopping and more jobs close to home. They have more cultural and social activities to choose from, as do their children.

Housing values improve as our city becomes more attractive.

Retail business owners get an improved image, increased sales and more customer traffic, as do professionals who operate from downtown offices and new business centers. The overall pride of our city rises when our downtown is re-energized and we grow our economic base.

The economy, of course, is the main concern. More retail storefronts, more shoppers mean more sales tax revenue for our city. That means less reliance on other less desirable taxes and more money to fight crime, new residential streets and sidewalks. It means more of the city services our residents expect.

For our youth, a healthy business climate means first time jobs and for others it means good jobs right here at home. Instead of our residents leaving the city to find work, the rush will be to come and enjoy Desert Hot Springs.

That is my hope for a better Desert Hot Springs and my commitment to work towards it as your city councilman.

Best Regards,

Russell Betts
Councilmember for the City of Desert Hot Springs

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