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March 27, 2009

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

I’d like to update you on an urgent public safety issue in our community. As I’m sure you are aware, the State’s financial crisis has had significant impact on Desert Hot Springs. We are getting less and less of our money back from Sacramento. This makes local funding even more important.

Over the past several months the City of Desert Hot Springs has been gathering community input on how best to meet our City Public Safety needs. We have conducted two community wide surveys, pro-actively sought out community comments with a mailer to residents, received and reviewed over 500 community responses for input, and met with individuals and community groups.

After significant community input the City Council decided to place the City of Desert Hot Springs Fiscal Accountability and Protection of Public Safety Services Measure, or Measure A, will appear on your  May 19 Special Election ballot.

Though there will be several state measures appearing on that ballot, it is important that local residents remember to vote on Measure A, as it is the only LOCAL measure affecting Desert Hot Springs.  Measure A renews an existing local funding source previously established by Desert Hot Springs voters.  Measure A maintains and improves essential public safety services and reduces existing debt while maintaining a balanced budget. The public safety components of Measure A will:

Most importantly Measure A is local funding that cannot be taken away by Sacramento. Measure A also requires all expenditures be subject to independent annual audits, that the public can review all city budget expenditures at local libraries, and the City of Desert Hot Springs maintains a balanced budget and reduces bankruptcy debt.

Please read the information contained on this site and learn more. Thank you for your time, and please stay safe.


Patrick Williams, Chief of Police
City of Desert Hot Springs

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