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How Should I Get Rid Of ...

Construction & Demolition Debris
Recyclable building debris that is sorted by material type is generally accepted by more facilities and often at a lower cost; all permitted disposal facilities in the County accept non-hazardous building debris and some even provide for recycling.

Couches & Mattresses
Most used couches and mattresses are not accepted for reuse, so either take them to a permitted disposal facility or call your garbage company to see what they would charge for a special bulky pick-up.


Many consumer electronics, including all TVs & computer monitors, have been deemed as Universal Waste and are banned from landfill disposal in California due to their potentially toxic characteristics. 

Household Garbage 

Before paying for extra disposal, make sure to recycle everything you can through your curbside recycling service and call your garbage company to find out about the one or more annual free extra waste pick-ups provided to households in most areas.

Most tire retailers accept used tires for a fee, additionally they are accepted at permitted disposal facilities.

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