The Community and Cultural Affairs Commission (CCAC) consists of five (5) members, appointed by one member of the City Council, and ratified by a majority vote of the City Council. Members are appointed for two-year terms. Appointments are made at the second regular City Council meeting in January following each regular election year (odd numbered years). Vacancies are filled by appointment for the unexpired term of the member replaced. (Desert Hot Springs Municipal Code, Chapter 2.24.040)


Current CCAC Commissioners:


 Commissioner  Position  Date Appointed  Term Expires  Appointed By
 Michael Picardi  Chair  January 16, 2018  January 2020  Scott Matas
 Barbara Eastman  Vice-Chair  January 16, 2018  January 2020  Yvonne Parks
 Dawn Diaz  Commissioner  May 7, 2019  January 2020  Anayeli Zavala
 Maine Turner  Commissioner  January 16, 2018  January 2020  Joe McKee
 Donna Wardean  Commissioner  March 19, 2019  January 2020  Russell Betts


Regularly scheduled meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. at the Carl May Center, 11-711 West Drive in Desert Hot Springs. Please confirm specific meeting dates by checking the city calendar.


The CCAC functions in an advisory role to the City Council to recommend a planned approach for the delivery of leisure, recreational and community services, especially for the youth and seniors of the community; recommend and implement programs and activities as approved by Council which foster mutual understanding and respect among the City's racial, religious, ethnic and nationality groups; assess the public art needs of the City and make recommendations on the development, maintenance, and preservation of public art; and

analyze community programs' effectiveness and needs.


The Commission coordinates its plans with other local entities to assure efficient use of facilities and the best use of resources. Please see City Ordinance No. 2002-07 of the Municipal Code.


If you would like to be considered for an appointment to the CCAC, please download the Commission Application.


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