How do I apply for SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)?

You can apply with the SBA online HERE for the EIDL. 

How do I apply for the Payroll Protection Program (PPP)?

You apply through your lender for the PPP loan.Go to the Santa Ana District office website and enter your zip code to find a list of participating lenders. These are the following banks (that we are aware of) that are facilitating the loans in Desert Hot Springs:

Bank of America 
13210 Palm Drive
(760) 251-5246

JP Morgan Chase
13000 Palm Drive
(760) 329-1442

Wells Fargo
14000 Palm Drive
(760) 329-2981

66565 Pierson Blvd.
(800) 273-5363

Do I have to go in to the bank to apply for the PPP?

All banks will have online applications.

Can I apply for BOTH the EIDL and the PPP?

Yes, but you cannot use the same funds for the same purpose.

Do I need to pay someone to assist me in completing the applications?

No. There are many SBA partners, listed below, that can help you at no cost, including the SBDC, WBC, and SCORE.

How do I get that extra $10,000 I keep hearing about?

When you apply for the EIDL program online, there is an option in Step Four, Question Eight that says, "I would like to be considered for an advance of up to $10,000." You need to check that box and provide your bank's routing number and your account number. 

When will I get my money?

The estimated wait time for the EIDL advance is 3-5 days and 2-3 weeks for the rest of the EIDL funds. It is taking a little longer than that due to the demand.

Is my non-profit eligible for these loans?

Some non-profit organizations are eligible. Check with your SBDC contact. 

What is the deadline to apply?

You can apply for the EIDL money until the end of the year. The cutoff for the PPP is June 30, although some lenders have stopped accepting applications - at least, temporarily - due to high demand.