March 30, 2020


I would like to thank all the citizens and businesses that have taken Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-233-20 to heart. We have had very few incidents that have required the police department to warn anyone in violation.


In the meantime, I have been asked about rumors that the department is making traffic stops or confronting people out on the street about where they are going. This is not true; the police department is conducting business as usual. We are here to protect Desert Hot Springs. Whether that is through traffic enforcement, answering radio calls, or being proactive in the community, we are committed to keeping the city safe.


Please understand that Governor Newsom’s Declaration was intended to protect the health of the citizens of this state. It does not give law enforcement any more authority than we already have.


In a time such as this, there are always going to be individuals who are going to make the situation fit their own agenda. That is a right they have by virtue of living in the United States.


The fact is that the police department knows that there are reasons why individuals need to travel and we are not stopping any citizen from conducting essential business. If needed, however, the department will enforce the law against anyone who is intentionally trying to defy the Declaration.


Before you leave your residence, please remember that you risk exposing yourself and then bringing the virus back to your family or friends. I understand that everyone wants life to go back to normal, but the only way we can do that is to adhere to the stay at home order as much as possible. Also please understand that medical personnel, first responders, and essential businesses have no choice but to do their jobs and risk exposure. We all can help those individuals by trying to stay at home or by using social distancing when we do have to go out into the community.


The City of Desert Hot Springs website has provided many facts about the COVID-19 virus and the City is still open to assist citizens who need help during this crisis. If you need any additional information, please use the website, www.cityofdhs.org, or call 760-329-6411 and you will be directed to the appropriate department.





Jim Henson

Chief of Police


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