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Two Desert X Sites Debut in Desert Hot Springs

Posted by City of Desert Hot Springs on Mar 7, 2019 9:23:34 AM

The biennial Desert X contemporary art exhibition is well under way, and two of the most buzzed-about sites are located here in the heart of Desert Hot Springs.


One of the sites (12789 Eliseo Rd.) is home to both Going Nowhere Pavilion #01 and Executed Variant DHS #1, by multimedia artist Julian Hoeber.


Desert X 2


Going Nowhere Pavilion #1 features “a Möbius strip made from concrete blocks in a variety of fleshy pinks and browns,” and “attempts to use topology …as a vehicle to describe the human mind.”


Desert X 3


Adjacent to that structure, a painting in a swimming pool works to explore “how forms can represent the logical, irrational, historical and corporeal experiences of human consciousness,” according to the notes on the exhibit.


Up the road at Bubbling Wells Road and San Gorgonio Street, an installation by Kathleen Ryan offers an entirely different experience.


Desert X 6 

Ghost Palm “is an echo of a natural form,” the artist’s notes explain. A reconstruction of the desert fan palm, it is “a manifestation of the artist’s fascination with the tenuous balance between fragility and sheer power.”


Desert X 7


Constructed using windowpanes and a chandelier, it is illuminated by the desert sun.


Desert X 5


Both sites are open from sunrise to sunset.


For more information, visit, or download the Desert X app HERE

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