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Desert Hot Springs Hosts National Hot Springs Conference

Posted by City of Desert Hot Springs on Nov 7, 2019 7:56:19 AM

More than 120 leading owners and operators of geothermal pools, spas, and resorts from around the globe gathered at Cabot's Pueblo Museum last night as part of the 2019 Hot Springs Connection conference.


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These businesspeople came to explore the geothermal gems and internationally acclaimed water of Desert Hot Springs, as part of their discussions on heritage preservation, water stewardship, natural resource protection, wellness trends, tourism marketing and more. 


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Guests attended a reception in the shadow of the pueblo, before a dinner under the stars. Tours of the grounds were provided by local volunteers.


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Behind-the-scenes spa tours were planned for November 7, including stops at El Morocco Inn & Spa, Aqua Soleil, Desert Hot Springs Inn, Sky Valley Resort, Miracle Springs Resort, Desert Hot Springs Spa Hotel, and Two Bunch Palms. 


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The event was organized by Vicky Nash, CEO of communications and marketing firm Resort Trends, Inc., in collaboration with the City of Desert Hot Springs City Council and City staff.


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At the dinner Wednesday night, Nash told the crowd that the City had welcomed the group "with open arms."


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Mayor Scott Matas explained how the City's spas continue to innovate with the new introduction of canna-tourism and other wellness opportunities. 


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City Council Member Gary Gardner described the recent boom of business owners renovating and modernizing older spa properties, exhorting attendees to consider opening their next property in Desert Hot Springs. City Council Member Robert Griffith helped spearhead the gathering. City Manager Chuck Maynard, former owner of the Living Waters Spa, Jeff Bowman, and Mission Springs Water District Board Member Russ Martin also were in attendance. MSWD provided free bottles of water for the visitors.  


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"This is an important collaboration to unify the hot springs resort industry in this country," Nash said. "Together we can enhance public perception about our hot springs and create a variety of meaningful guest experiences."

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