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Desert Hot Springs Hosts CA City Officials for Advocacy Meeting

Posted by City of Desert Hot Springs on Mar 13, 2019 11:03:10 AM

The City of Desert Hot Springs hosted more than 100 California City Officials at the League of California Cities Division Meeting on Monday night.


League CA Cities Division Meeting 4


Mayors, City Managers and other municipal officers of the League’s Riverside County Division meet periodically “to exchange ideas and information and share the advantages of cooperative advocacy” as relates to policy. It had been seven years since Desert Hot Springs last hosted the group.


Guests were given the opportunity to learn about high-tech cannabis cultivation innovation by touring the High Life Farms facility with COO Jason Pasko.


League CA Cities Division Meeting 5


Canndescent CEO Adrian Sedlin provided a keynote address on the latest news in cannabis regulation.


“A lot has changed in Desert Hot Springs over the past seven years,” Mayor Scott Matas said. “This meeting was a great opportunity to show our colleagues in Riverside County some of the innovation and growth that is happening in our city.”


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