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Mayor Matas Meets with Governor to Address Housing Crisis

Posted by City of Desert Hot Springs on Feb 19, 2019 5:57:40 PM

City of Desert Hot Springs Mayor Scott Matas met today with California Governor Gavin Newsom to discuss solutions for the state’s housing crisis.




During the summit at Long Beach City College, Mayor Matas and Governor Newsom addressed the City’s responsibilities to develop State-approved low-income housing in the region, as per the Regional Housing Need Allocation (RHNA) process.


With some of the most affordable land in Southern California, Desert Hot Springs has been tasked with developing a substantial portion of low-income housing towards the mandated RHNA totals.


Mayor Matas spoke on behalf of the City’s residents regarding how to meet the State’s requirements while also maintaining development balance and perspective on the land-use needs of the City.




“It was a productive meeting, and I thank Governor Newsom for giving us the opportunity to share our position on development in Desert Hot Springs,” Mayor Matas said.




“We look forward to working with the State to address the needs of low-income residents, while also continuing our business development and maintaining our local quality of life.”

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