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Roadwork Corrections Planned for Palm Drive

Posted by City of Desert Hot Springs on Feb 27, 2020 5:15:18 PM

The City of Desert Hot Springs is pleased to announce corrections to the roadwork that was recently completed as part of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project on Palm Drive.

The initial work that was completed did not meet the following technical specifications as detailed in the contract plans and specifications;

1. Technical Specifications Section 10 – Asphalt Concrete

2. Section 39 -State Standards Specifications

a. 39-2.01A(4)(i)(iii) Pavement Smoothness

b. 39-2.01C(4)(a) Longitudinal Joints

c. 39-3.04C(2) Grade Control


As a result, the City contracted Landmark Geo-Engineers to complete the coring of four samples to;

· Measure asphalt thickness

· Complete laboratory testing of material

· Complete a visual observation

· Provide a final report on the asphalt paving condition


The overall result of the testing indicated that the asphalt materials met the minimum material standards. However, the testing and report also indicated that the work did not meet the minimum technical specifications due to workmanship, temperature, and lack of binder in the joints.


With that in mind, the City refused to accept the work until contract specifications were met. The original contractor has provided the following schedule for the required corrections, which will be completed at no additional cost to the City;

· March 10th - Pavement Recycling Solutions will complete asphalt grinding

· March 12th and 13th - Matich Corporation will execute a 1-inch asphalt overlay.

· March 16th – Manhole and valve collar adjustments

· Roadway striping to immediately follow.


Furthermore, the original contract will be amended to extend the warranty from 1 year to 2 years after acceptance of project.


We greatly appreciate the feedback from the community and thank you for your patience as we worked to facilitate the necessary corrective measures. Please drive with caution on the dates listed and expect delays between Camino Aventura and Two Bunch Palms.

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