What is PM10 / Fugitive Dust? 

Fugitive dust is any solid particulate matter that becomes airborne resulting directly and indirectly from human activities (i.e. grading/ earth movement). PM10 is a subset of fugitive dust and is defined as particulate matter with an aerodynamic diameter of 10 microns or less. 


The City has implemented a hot-line system for dust control. All construction sites larger than 1 acre are required to have a sign on the site containing the telephone number of the person in charge of dust control on the site. 


Please call the contractor’s telephone number first, but if you get no response, or an inadequate response, you may call the City’s PM 10 Fugitive Dust Control Hot-line (760) 329-6411, Option 3. 


City of Desert Hot Springs PM10 Ordinance

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