2023 Photo Contest

Share your story!

Capture and share the images that make you proud of Desert Hot Springs!

Photographers of all ages and skill levels are invited to submit photos using the online form below.

Entries Due by: Thursday, December 14, 2023

Photo Contest Categories
Hometown Pride - Landmarks, businesses, parks, recognizable locations in the City, community and family life

Beautiful Landscape - Native landscape and open space, yards and gardens, rustic scenes, trails, sunrises and sunsets

Animals - Wildlife

Winners will:
Be recognized at a City Council Meeting in February 2024
Have their photos displayed on a billboard located on Palm and Dillon

Photo Contest Flyer

The City of Desert Hot Springs shall have all rights to use the image(s) submitted, and may use the likeness and/or photograph, as applicable, in any form or medium as it may select. Photos submitted may be used on marketing materials and projects.

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    Maximum file size - 2 mega bytes.
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