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Yes, if allowed by the Homeowners Association. The property owner or owner’s agent must provide a copy of the CC&R from the HOA board of Directors or Property Management Company accompanied by the “HOA Authorization Form” found on the Vacation rental portal when applying for or renewing a Vacation Rental Permit. If the vacation rental exists within a Homeowners Association that prohibits the same, such vacation rental permit shall be rejected and not issued.

You may file an appeal of the vacation rental permit denial.  If the owner appeals the decision, the appeal must be filed within 15 calendar days of the City’s decision. A filing fee must be paid at the time of the appeal request. Any appeal of the denial of a vacation rental permit filed without payment of the filing fee shall be deemed incomplete.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are not permitted for use as Short-Term Vacation Rentals as outlined in Municipal Code 17.08.090.

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