Notice of Availability of Draft Environmental Impact Report

Posted on April 14, 2022

DATE:           April 13, 2022

TO:               Responsible Agencies, Interested Parties, and Organizations

SUBJECT:    Availability of the Amendment to Specific Plan DHS SP #01-17 Draft EIR  

The City of Desert Hot Springs (City) is the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Lead Agency for the proposed Amendment to the Specific Plan DHS SP #01-17 (Proposed Project) in Desert Hot Springs, California (Proposed Project). The City has directed the preparation of an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Project in compliance with CEQA.

Project Location: The Coachillin’ Industrial Cultivation and Ancillary Canna-Business Park (Specific Plan #01-17) (Coachillin’ Specific Plan) is located on parcels APNs 666-340-008 through 666-340-055 located on 153.71 gross acres bounded by 18th Avenue to the north, 19th Avenue to the south, Indian Canyon Drive to the west, and Calle de los Romos to the east.

Project Description: The Proposed Project is an Amendment to Specific Plan DHS SP #01-17 that would modify the allowed land uses in the Specific Plan Mixed Use Zone along with accompanying changes in the Development Standards and Design Guidelines to allow potential hotel and amphitheater uses on two parcels totaling approximately 10 acres. The proposed hotel would include 175 guest rooms within a 4-story,150,000 square foot building. The proposed amphitheater would seat approximately 5,000 people and host a maximum of four concerts or special events per month. The amphitheater would employ ten full-time employees and up to 100 temporary employees on event days. Additionally, the 7-acre Parcel 25 was originally provided for Southern California Edison (SCE) power stations and systems to serve the Specific Plan projects. SCE no longer requires this lot; therefore, the Amendment proposes to re-designate Parcel 25 as Industrial Energy & Utilities (IE). Because Parcel 25 is no longer needed for an electrical substation, a 420-space parking lot with solar covered parking is proposed. Project construction for all elements is anticipated to take one year, opening in 2023 or 2024.

Potentially Significant Environmental Effects: Analysis of the Proposed Project determined that there were potentially significant impacts related to air quality, biological resources, cultural resources, geology, paleontology, greenhouse gases, noise, and transportation. However, mitigation measures provided in the Initial Study (Appendix A of the Draft EIR) and the Draft EIR reduce the majority of these potential impacts to a less than significant level. One impact, cumulative greenhouse gas emissions, would remain significant even after implementation of all feasible mitigation measures. As stated in the Initial Study, the site is not listed as hazardous materials site enumerated under Government Code Section 65962.5.

Draft EIR Document Review and Availability: The public review and comment period for the Draft EIR will extend for 45 days starting April 13, 2022 and ending May 28, 2022. The Draft EIR can be viewed and/or downloaded at the following website:

Documents incorporated by reference are available by contacting the City of Desert Hot Springs at the contact information below.


Comments on the EIR may be submitted via mail or email, directed to:

Patricia Villagomez, Associate Planner

City of Desert Hot Springs

11999 Palm Drive

Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

Public Hearing. The City of Desert Hot Springs will consider the certification of the EIR at a future City Council meeting to be determined.

Amendment to SP #01-17_Draft_EIR

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