Are there specific rules for the designated cannabis consumption area?

a. Ensure that the consumption of cannabis or cannabis products is not visible from the outside of the business, and the smoking, inhalation, consumption, or ingestion of cannabis or cannabis products shall not be visible from any public place or any area where minors may be present.
b. Ensure that cannabis consumption areas shall have adequate security and lighting for the safety of patrons and to protect the premises from theft at all times.
c. Install an odor-absorbing ventilation and exhaust system so that odor generated inside the premises is not detected outside the premises.
d. Properly designate any and all smoking areas, if applicable, and be in compliance with all local and State laws.

e. All designated smoking areas shall be 50 feet from any residential property line.
f. Place and properly maintain solid waste receptacles and recycling bins, in sufficient numbers and locations to service the needs of the proposed use at peak business periods.
g. Properly re-package any and all cannabis or cannabis products that are partially consumed to be taken off-site.
h. Cannabis Hotel Facilities must comply with all provisions of this code and State law at all times.
i. Cannabis Hotel Facilities must train their employees about the various cannabis or cannabis products it sells, including the potency of the products, absorption time, and effects of the products.

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