What type of entertainment use is required for a Cannabis Entertainment Facility?

An entertainment use (such as but not limited to a movie, theater, bowling alley, or concert venue) is required and must include:

A Storefront Retail Facility, which facility complies with all terms and conditions in this chapter, including all State and local laws. The storefront retail facility shall enjoy all uses as provided in Section 17.180.040.

And an On-site cannabis consumption area, which shall comply with all of the following:

i. On-site cannabis consumption area within the confines of the entertainment facility shall only be attached to any storefront retail facility via non-public, secure passageways and must be located in a separate area, and otherwise comply with all State and local laws.
ii. In addition to off-site sale, the storefront retail facility attached to an entertainment facility may sell cannabis products for on-site consumption only to be consumed within the cannabis consumption area. Such on-site sales must be done and consummated by an employee of the entertainment facility via menu only.
iii. Any cannabis-containing product not fully consumed on site, shall be properly packaged for the patron to take it off-site.
iv. The sale or consumption of alcohol or tobacco products is not allowed on the premises and other consistent with State law.
v. The smoking, inhalation, consumption, or ingestion of cannabis or cannabis products shall not be visible from any public place or any area where minors may be present.

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