FAQ Topic: ADU Steps

Step 3:

Time to submit your new site-specific plans to the Planning and Building Departments for review! Your building designer or architect can do this for you. Once your plans are approved and a Building Permit is issued, construction can begin! Periodically during the construction process, your ADU will require a building inspection. Once the ADU is … Continued

Step 2:

Consult with an experienced design professional to help your vision come into a reality! Building designers, engineers or architects can draft the required plans (site plans, fire sprinklers, and grading plans if necessary) for your pre-approved ADU, and will work with the City’s Building and Planning Departments to ensure the plans are ready to be … Continued

Step 1:

Review the City of DHS ADU Handbook to familiarize yourself with the City’s ADU regulations. Talk to a Planner or Permit Technician if you have any questions about ADU’s or want information on the pre-approved ADU regulations.

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