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Housing & Community Program Manager

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First Time Home Buyer Program

To provide assistance to first time home buyers (FTHB). Assistance may be provided for the down payment in the purchase of a home. Permanent Local Housing Allocation (PLHA) FTHB assistance is available to a maximum of 20% of the purchase price of the home. PLHA FTHB funds must be used primarily for the down payment assistance. Total assistance is not to exceed $100,000. The amount of assistance available depends upon the buyer’s qualifications and the price of the home. For more information, please download the brochure and Information package or visit the following websites to verify eligibility.

Fair Housing Council Resources

The Fair Housing Council for Riverside County is a non-profit corporation that provides fair housing services to municipalities. Direct client services are located in the City of Riverside. You may contact staff at (800) 655-1812.

Fair Housing Council offers a comprehensive Fair Housing Program that includes:
1. Discrimination Complaint Intake and Investigation
2. Enforcement and Impact Litigation;
3. Landlord/Tenant Dispute Mediation and Counseling; and
4. General Fair Housing Education, Trainings and Outreach.

For more information on Fair Housing Council of Riverside County, click here

Pre-Purchase Consulting

FHCRC is providing the required counseling for the pre-purchase consulting program. Individuals can set an appointment for this counseling by calling FHCRC at (951) 682-6581.

Credit Counseling

FHCRC is providing assistance in:
• Building your Credit
• Reviewing Credit Reports
• Improving Credit Scores
• Getting out of debt strategies
• Dealing with Charge-offs
• Judgments
• Budgeting and Planning Tools
• How to deal with Student Loan Debt

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact (951) 682-6581.

Foreclosure Prevention/Loan Modification Services

• Foreclosure Prevention Services: The Fair Housing Council of Riverside County, Inc. (FHCRC) provides foreclosure prevention services to the public, free of charge. Individuals who would like to schedule an appointment with a Foreclosure Prevention Counselor should contact FHCRC at:

• Loan Modification Services: The Fair Housing Council of Riverside County, Inc. (FHCRC) provides assistance to individuals who are seeking a loan modification. Individuals who would like to schedule an appointment for assistance with a loan modification should contact a counselor at:

Phone: (951) 682-6581

Email: fhcrc@fairhousing.net

Affordable Housing Rental Units

Coachella Valley Housing Coalition
The Coachella Valley Housing Coalition (CVHC), through its Multi-Family Department, has developed and owns 39 rental housing developments, totaling more than 2,853 homes. The rental projects are developed to house low-income families and individuals looking for a stepping stone to home ownership, and those individuals with special needs unable to find housing in the private market.

CVHC is known for its innovative design and construction models, and the development of prestigious award-winning complexes such as Wolff Waters Place Apartments in La Quinta, Calif., Arroyo de Paz Apartments in Desert Hot Springs, Calif., Coyote Run Apartments in Palm Springs, Calif., Tlaquepaque Apartments in Coachella, Calif., and Villas Oscar Romero Apartments in Mecca., Calif. CVHC builds housing for people in all walks of life, including migrant and retired farmworkers, large families, seniors, individuals with developmental and physical disabilities, and individuals living with HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses.

Here is a link to the affordable housing rental developments in Desert Hot Springs:

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