FAQ Topic: Business

What is the cannabis sales tax rate?

The monthly sales tax rate for any person or entity legally selling or providing marijuana for casual/recreational use within the City is 10% of its proceeds from such sales or provision.

How do I file for a liquor license?

To sell alcoholic beverages, you’ll need a liquor license. California has four types (3 for full liquor and 1 for beer and wine only). You can find information about liquor licenses from the California Department of Alcohol & Beverage Control (ABC). The nearest local ABC office is located at 34160 Gateway Drive, Suhttp://www.abc.ca.gov/permits/permits.htmlite 120, Palm … Continued

What are zoning restrictions in the city?

You can learn about zoning regulations in Title 17 of the Desert Hot Springs Municipal Code. You can also view the citywide Zoning Map online. To find out the zoning of a specific property, you can look it up online. If you need assistance, contact our Planning Division at (760) 329-6411.

Does the city require a business license?

Yes, a business license is required of most businesses to transact and carry on any business, trade, profession, or occupation in the City of Desert Hot Springs, even if your physical office is located outside city limits. You can obtain or renew a business license online. If you need assistance, please contact Kathlyn Palmer, Administrative … Continued

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