Community Programs

Military Banner Program

Sponsored by the City of Desert Hot Springs, the Military Banner Program provides complimentary banners for individuals who have served or are currently serving in our armed forces. Applications for new banners are accepted every August  1 through Veteran’s Day, with new banners, hung every November along Pierson Blvd.

Honoree Requirements

  • Active-duty or retired member of the United States armed forces
  • A Current City of Desert Hot Springs resident, or:
  • An immediate family member of a current City of Desert Hot Springs resident (wife or husband, son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter, son-in-law or daughter-in-law)

How to Apply

Print and complete a Military Banner Program Application. Be sure to include (a) Proof of Military Status and (b) Proof of Residency of the Applicant or Serviceperson.

Please email the application along with a high-resolution photo to:

For more information please call (760) 329-6411 ext. 114.

Become a Recreation Contract Instructor

The City of Desert Hot Springs Recreation Department continually seeks instructors to offer recreation programs to our community. We are dedicated to enrichment through discovery, learning, and play. Our contract class program provides the community with access to a diverse range of educational, creative, and recreational opportunities for preschoolers, school-age children, teens, adults, families, and older adults.

We're always interested in adding new classes and programs and are looking for contract instructors to teach a variety of programs and classes at our community centers, after-school programs, and camps. This includes virtual classes, as well.

We're looking for instructors who are dedicated and passionate about their subject matter and are strongly interested in teaching. It's not required that you have teaching experience but it is highly recommended. 

Please email and we will reach out to you to discuss your class.

Thank you!

What the City Provides to our Contract Instructors

We will make available a variety of facilities including classroom facilities, gymnasiums, and parks for contract instructor courses. These facilities are maintained to ensure the comfort of instructors and participants.

We will also include your course description on our website. For After School Enrichment classes, information about your course will be distributed to each family at the Desert Hot Springs Recreation Center.

Our computer registration system allows us to maintain facility booking for your course and to process registrations in an efficient manner. Instructors receive attendance reports and Recreation staff provides instructors with contact information for all participants. We offer registration through two easy customer-friendly ways including online registration or in person.

Contract Instructor Handbook

The Contract Instructor Handbook provides guidelines that we require our Contract Instructors to adhere to, which include but are not limited to deadlines, maintaining a current City of Desert Hot Springs Business License, ensuring all Instructors and sub-contracts are fingerprinted, and/or TB tested prior to the first day of instruction.

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