Code Compliance

Code Compliance


Emily Granados
Management Analyst

(760) 329-6411 ext. 269
11999 Palm Drive
Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240
Mon. - Thurs. 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
Friday - Closed
Saturday - Closed
Sunday - Closed


Code compliance is the enforcement of all Municipal Codes and Ordinances, various State and local laws, and Health and Safety regulations as they relate to conditions or activity within the City.

Whenever possible, the City of Desert Hot Springs makes every reasonable effort to obtain voluntary compliance. Our officers are trained to be as helpful as possible in helping you to succeed in correcting or complying with the standards set by the community.

You can expect the officers to be professional in their approach to situations and to afford you the necessary time it will take for compliance. As long as you are working toward the goal of compliance, the officer will assist you in every way possible.

Code Compliance does not handle neighbor disputes or civil problems involving one party against another. Examples of civil issues are:

  • Damaging a neighbor's fence or house
  • Overhanging tree branches
  • Dropping  leaves or branches into a neighbor's pool or yard
  • Overwatering of lawns or flowerbeds
  • Violations of a Homeowners' Association rule or CC&Rs
  • Property line disputes

What is not a violation?

  • Number of people living in a residence (for group living arrangements)
  • Barking dogs (please contact Desert Hot Springs Animal Control at (760) 329-6411, ext. 450)
  • Drainage between properties
  • Blocking of private views
  • Tree roots and/or overhanging trees on private property
  • Leaves from neighbor's trees
  • View obstructions

Avoid Code Violations when planning a new project:

Prior to undertaking any improvement projects, owners are encouraged to research whether a Planning or Building permit is required. Although certain types of work may be exempt from a Building permit, a Planning application or approval may still be required to verify that your project is meeting the conditions of our Municipal Code. If a property owner is not sure whether a Planning or Building permit is required for a project, check with the Planning/Building Divisions by calling (760) 329-6411.

Graffiti Hotline

(888) 562-3822



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