Unwanted Material Guidelines

Browse our guidelines on how to get rid of unwanted material.

Bulky item pick up:

Residents are eligible for a free collection of bulky items (i.e. furniture, tires) subject to certain conditions. Contact Desert Valley Disposal at (760) 329-5030 to schedule your pickup.

Construction and demolition debris:

Recyclable building debris that is sorted by material type is generally accepted by more facilities and often at a lower cost; all permitted disposal facilities in the County accept non-hazardous building debris and some even provide for recycling.


Many consumer electronics, including all TVs and computer monitors, have been deemed as Universal Waste and are banned from landfill disposal in California due to their potentially toxic characteristics.

Household garbage:

Single-family residences are provided with 1 waste collection per week. Contact Desert Valley Disposal to find out about the one or more annual free extra waste pick-ups provided to residents.

Motor oil disposal and household hazardous waste (HHW):

Motor oil disposal is available to residents on a convenient curbside basis. Contact Desert Valley Disposal at (760) 329-5030 for pickup.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) includes a variety of wastes that may be accepted at the Palm Springs Permanent HHW Collection facility located at 1100 Vella Road, Palm Springs, CA 92264.


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