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Where can I find local healthcare services?

All Star Physical Therapy Coachella Valley Volunteers in Medicine DAP Health Desert Hot Springs Community Health Center – URGENT CARE DHS Dental DHS Primary Care Clinic Family Dentistry – Dr. Baek & Associates Riverside County Behavioral Health Shodhan Dentistry

What’s the issue?

Desert Hot Springs is committed to keeping our quality of life and property values high by providing well-lit streets and business corridors, and keeping neighborhood parks and public spaces clean, all things that make our community a more desirable place to live, do business, and raise a family. But as the City faces the impacts … Continued

How will potential challenges impact our public spaces and local businesses?

Desert Hot Springs is committed to attracting more local businesses to open  in our city, including retail shopping and restaurants. Desert Hot Springs needs locally controlled funding to help make the City more attractive for such businesses by improving the visual appeal and safety of places where they could open, and to ensure our public … Continued

How is our public safety impacted?

Desert Hot Springs works hard to ensure that our streets are well-lit, repaired, and safe for pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, firefighters, and first responders who need to locate homes and people in an emergency. But additional funding is needed to address these urgent repairs. Waiting to address these needs will mean that our streets will continue … Continued

How will addressing these needs impact other services?

Desert Hot Springs is working to properly maintain clean, safe, well-lit city streets and parks, but also protect essential core city services like emergency response, roads, police and addressing homelessness. Either additional funding or service cuts will need to be considered this year.

Has the community been consulted on their priorities?

The City recently conducted a Desert Hot Springs community outreach survey to get initial input. Service priorities identified by your neighbors include: Maintaining 911 emergency response times Addressing homelessness Properly maintaining well-lit City streets Improving public places to attract more businesses to move into Desert Hot Springs Reducing the number of accidents for drivers, pedestrians, … Continued

Where can I add my perspective?

We want to hear from you! For more information, or to provide input, visit If you are a representative of a local Civic organization and would like a representative of the City to join your organization’s next community meeting and provide a short presentation, please contact Frank Luckino at or (760) 329-6411.

Can properties located within a Homeowner’s Association apply for a permit?

Yes, if allowed by the Homeowners Association. The property owner or owner’s agent must provide a copy of the CC&R from the HOA board of Directors or Property Management Company accompanied by the “HOA Authorization Form” found on the Vacation rental portal when applying for or renewing a Vacation Rental Permit. If the vacation rental … Continued

What if my vacation rental permit is denied?

You may file an appeal of the vacation rental permit denial.  If the owner appeals the decision, the appeal must be filed within 15 calendar days of the City’s decision. A filing fee must be paid at the time of the appeal request. Any appeal of the denial of a vacation rental permit filed without … Continued

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