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How can I access Desert Hot Springs application portal?

Access the Desert Hot Springs website at and click “Online Permits”, and then click “Cannabis Compliance”. The regulatory permit is entitled “Cannabis Entertainment Regulatory Permit”. Accessing the Frequently Asked Questions box will provide an overview of the application portal.

What type of city permits will I need to operate an Entertainment Facility?

You must first acquire a Conditional Use Permit, which allows the purposed cannabis use (Planning Division) and then obtain a Regulatory Permit, which authorizes the cannabis facility operation (Cannabis Compliance) will be required; procedures for applying for both are located within the Desert Hot Springs City website.

Are there specific rules for the designated cannabis consumption area?

a. Ensure that the consumption of cannabis or cannabis products is not visible from the outside of the business, and the smoking, inhalation, consumption, or ingestion of cannabis or cannabis products shall not be visible from any public place or any area where minors may be present. b. Ensure that cannabis consumption areas shall have … Continued

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