Vacation Rentals

Report an Issue:

In case of an emergency, please call 911

To file a complaint by phone, please call (760) 329-2904, Option 2

For Vacation Rental related complaints (excessive noise, trash, parking), Dispatch will send a Code Compliance Officer to the location. The City recommends leaving your contact information for follow-up. Your information will remain confidential.

Non-Emergency Dispatch: (760) 329-2904, Option 2

Note: If you would like to request a follow-up, please provide your name, phone number, and email address. The City highly recommends submitting your contact information with your request so that we may better address the situation. Your information will remain confidential. Additionally, if you’re willing to provide consent for a Code Compliance Officer to go onto your property to observe a violation, please indicate that in the call. 

Vacation Rental Hotline: (760) 329-2904, Option 2

Weekend Enforcement: Code Compliance Officers are scheduled from Thursday to Sunday from 7 PM - 4 AM. Outside of these hours, a Police Officer will be dispatched to the location (response times my vary as emergency calls will be given a higher priority.)



Yes, if allowed by the Homeowners Association. The property owner or owner’s agent must provide a copy of the CC&R from the HOA board of Directors or Property Management Company accompanied by the “HOA Authorization Form” found on the Vacation rental portal when applying for or renewing a Vacation Rental Permit. If the vacation rental exists within a Homeowners Association that prohibits the same, such vacation rental permit shall be rejected and not issued.

You may file an appeal of the vacation rental permit denial.  If the owner appeals the decision, the appeal must be filed within 15 calendar days of the City’s decision. A filing fee must be paid at the time of the appeal request. Any appeal of the denial of a vacation rental permit filed without payment of the filing fee shall be deemed incomplete.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are not permitted for use as Short-Term Vacation Rentals as outlined in Municipal Code 17.08.090.

  1. Proof of General Liability Insurance
  2. The application for a vacation rental registration certificate shall be accompanied by proof of general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.00 combined single limit and an executed agreement to indemnify, defend and hold the City harmless from any and all claims and liability of any kind whatsoever resulting from or arising from the operation of a City permitted vacation rental. (Ord. 533 5-1-12)
  3. Acceptable general liability insurance coverage in the amount of $1,000,000 is required for vacation rental operators. Insurance provided by home-share platforms such as Airbnb does not meet this requirement.

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to renew their permit before it expires. The City does not grant a leeway period and a renewal application must be submitted no earlier than sixty calendar days but no later than thirty calendar days prior to the permit’s expiration date. Failure to renew a vacation rental permit will result in the vacation rental permit being terminated.

Effective July 1st, 2021, vacation rental owners are required to remit the 1% Greater Palm Springs Tourism Business Improvement District (GPSTBID) assessment on gross rental revenue of short-term rentals of 28 days or less to the City of Desert Hot Springs. For additional information on the assessment and the Greater Palm Springs Tourism Business Improvement District visit

Yes, the City requires all vacation rental permit holders to pay a transient occupancy tax.  The transient occupancy tax is 12% of the rent charged by the operator.  Additional information on transient occupancy taxes can be found here:

City staff will contact waitlist applicants by e-mail only. If contacted, waitlist applicants will have TEN (10) BUSINESS DAYS to submit a vacation rental application.  If the applicant does not submit the permit application in that time, they will be removed from the waitlist and the next applicant will be contacted.  There are no exceptions.  PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR E-MAIL IS CORRECT AND TAKE THE NECESSARY STEPS TO ENSURE E-MAILS DO NOT GO TO YOUR SPAM OR JUNK FOLDER.

If you are removed from the waitlist, you may file a new submission. There are no limits on the number of times you can submit to be placed on the waiting list. However, duplicate submissions for the same property will be rejected.

If you need to change your contact information on a previously submitted waitlist submission or you would like to be removed from the waitlist, please contact

No, you must be the legal owner of the property.  You are not eligible to add a property to the wait list if you do not hold title and/or are in escrow.

The City will not issue any vacation rental permits if we are at or above the 4% cap. The City will close the application period and re-open it once a year. Applicants may submit a request to be placed on a waitlist.

No, vacation rentals in good standing with the City as of the effective date of the new regulations shall not be denied a vacation rental renewal solely on permit limitations.

Yes, the number of vacation rentals shall not exceed four percent (4%) of the total housing parcels containing completed developed housing units. This number shall not include licensed, permitted and/or entitled hotels and motels, in good standing with the City. This number shall be calculated yearly. Such vacation rental permits exceeding this number shall be rejected and not issued. Additionally, vacation rental parcels shall not be located within a five hundred (500) foot radius from another vacation rental, measured from property line to property line. Such vacation rental permits shall be rejected and not issued. Notwithstanding, vacation rentals existing and in good standing with the City as of the effective date of this ordinance shall not be denied a Vacation Rental Permit renewal solely on this factor.

No, Permits are not transferable. The new property owner must file a new application to obtain a vacation rental permit.

  1. “General vacation rental permit” is a type of vacation rental permit that is neither a home share vacation rental permit nor a primary residence vacation rental permit.
  2. “Home share vacation rental permit” is a type of vacation rental permit whereby the owner hosts visitors in the owner’s vacation rental unit, for compensation, for periods of thirty (30) consecutive calendar days or less, while the owner lives on-site and in the unit, throughout the visiting occupant’s stay.
  3. “Primary residence vacation rental permit” is a type of vacation rental permit whereby the vacation rental unit is the owner’s primary residence, as defined herein in this section. “Primary residence” means a dwelling where an owner spends the majority of the calendar year on the property used as a vacation rental unit, and the property is identified in the Riverside County assessor’s record as the owner’s primary residence.
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